Why is the Academy the right
choice for your child?


The quality and quantity of instruction matters


The Academy is committed to supporting a community of lifelong learners


The Academy has established and will maintain high academic and behavioral standards for each of its scholars


An Academy scholar is a student of character


I love the Academy… Why? Because we get a better learning experience than that from other schools. Our teachers break it down better so we can learn and understand.

Do you like that you have to wear uniforms? Yes, because it helps us to stay focused on learning and not about fashion.

If you could describe the Academy in one word what would it be? hhhmmmmm … Amazing!

I have been with the Academy since I was in the 1st grade and I love it here. I would love to continue with the Academy until high school when they have it.

Why do you love it here? The learning experience and the activities promote the positive side of us. They have a nice system in place to keep us together and focused.

Do you like that you wear uniform instead of regular clothing? Yes because when everyone is wearing the same thing it prevents teasing and bullying among kids.

I love the Academy Charter School. It is the best school I've ever been to. All my teachers encourage me to do my best and keep going. My peers are so nice and always help me when I need it.

In the Academy Charter School, the culture here is very unique. The uniforms are comfortable and helps us to focus. The school cares about our learning and supplies us with advanced technology to help us with our learning.

I like the Academy Charter School because the teachers are very educational and helpful. The Academy treats us as young men and women. The teachers have fun with us but only after we do our work.