Who We Are

Meet our Team

Our staff consists of dedicated and passionate professionals who model the intellectual prowess, core virtues and civic mindedness that we expect our students to emulate. As educators, they are committed to improving their own practice, and are expected and encouraged to pursue professional development opportunities outside of the pre-service and ongoing professional development offered to them.

Meet our Students

Our students are the gems of the Hempstead Community. They respect themselves and others. They have the knowledge base, value base, and peer support to make sound decisions. They have the skills to create informed opinions and are able to support them. They have the creativity and resourcefulness to suggest and implement solutions. Civic engagement is a part of their consciousness from the primary grades.

Meet our Board

The Academy was conceived as a response to growing concerns about the academic state of Hempstead’s middle school population. A group of active Hempstead community members partnered with Victory Schools, Inc. to create The Academy Charter School. Our commitment to improving the academic skills and life chances of Hempstead’s youth are the cornerstone of The Academy, Hempstead’s first charter school – a free, public, secular school.