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The fundamental belief at The Academy is that all children can learn. All children have the right to attend schools in which they can progress and learn, and have a real opportunity to learn equally rigorous content. Here at The Academy, we strive to make this a possibility for our underserved youth. And we need your help to do so.

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Friends of the Academy is a non-profit organization initiated in the summer of 2015 with strong ties to our community, dedicated to creating and supporting education enrichment programs geared to transforming our underserved and at risk youths into well-rounded individuals who can make a tangible contribution to society.

We are committed to the future of education and the success of each student through collaboration with internal and external partners. Friends of The Academy strives to enhance its position in Hempstead as a world class charter school where every student succeed.


Mission: To provide educational resources and programs that will enable every student to maximize their potential, ultimately resulting in world class competitive scholars and leaders.

Please join us in this endeavor. For more information contact us.

How will Funds and Resources be used?

Showcasing and recognizing The Academy’s top students and their accomplishments

Providing financial resources for families with children who have potential but are limited by their finances

Training that will enhance and equip teachers to be more effective

Exposing our youths to different cultures and educational systems making them world competitors

Offer the necessary tools, education and resources that every student needs to succeed

Recognizing and rewarding teachers who go above and beyond what is required to ensure each student’s success.

Providing opportunities for those who are looking to develop their technical skills and tradesman ship for employment or business